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how to organize your work in order to be in time and achieve a mystical "work-life balance"
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My name is Viktor Shcherbinin
and I'm a professional project manager from Moscow, Russia.

I have managed and sucessfully close 100+ projects
in field of IT infrastructure & InfoSecurity.

Over the past 10 years of my career, my customers was major banks, state and commercial companies.

I am fully confident that the project management methodology is universal and can help achieve success in all areas.
9+ years of relevant PM experience
Over 9 years expertise in project management.
General management experience.
Business experience.
100+ projects
More than a hundred successful projects with an average duration of 3 to 12 months
From routine to unique
Now work in a large manufacturing company, engaged in complex high-budget projects in Russia and abroad.
An expert for individuals, owners of businesses, conference speaker.
My services
Individual consultation in the field of project management
1 hour
Any questions regarding projects and its management
Want this!
Сompany audit. How to implement project management culture and what benefits it will give?
1-2 weeks
from $700
Perhaps you already have a project manager that combines different positions, and you would like to understand whether it is worth further developing this area.
This is exactly what I want!
Project Management Training
1 day
4-8 hours, on-site or web-based
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Manage circumstances
instead of obeying them
If you have any ideas or questions,
feel free to contact me by phone or mail
+7 (925) 808-7328
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I live in Moscow, Russia. So, my timezone is UTC+3
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Sincerely, Victor.
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